Canada’s Safest Employers FAQ

  1. When does the 2015 contest open?
  2. The nomination form will be up mid-January and the deadline for nominations will be mid-June.
  3. Can I apply for multiple awards?
  4. Yes, you can apply for the regular Safety Award and also for the Wellness Award and the Psychological Safety award if you wish. All three award types have different nominations. See the nominations tab for each one.
  5. Does it cost money to participate in the awards?
  6. No. There is no cost to submit a nomination form or to go through the nomination process.
  7. We are a Canadian division of an international company, can we apply?
  8. Yes. You simply need to have had a Canadian branch/operations for the past five years in order to apply. You do not need to be a
  9. We have multiple locations/branches across Canada but we only want to nominate one branch. Can we do that?
  10. Yes. You can specify the branch you want to nominate in your nomination form. Please make sure to fill out all parts of the form with just that one branch in mind, such as number of employees, loss time injuries etc.
  11. When will I know if I am shortlisted?
  12. Shortlisted companies will be notified by email on July 4 with a link to the employee perception survey.
  13. Will I be contacted if I did not make the shortlist?
  14. Yes, you will receive an email by July 11.
  15. How does the survey work?
  16. You will receive a link to the survey that you need to pass along to all your employees. If you have between 20 and 5,000 employees, you will need at least 20 per cent of your employee population to complete the survey to move on to the next phase of the competition. If you have between 5,001 and 10,000 employees, you need 10 per cent of them to complete the survey. And companies with more than 10,000 workers need five per cent. This is a mandatory requirement. You will be given instructions on how to monitor the number of employees that have filled out the survey. The survey includes about 25 questions and takes about 7 minutes to complete. The survey will close end of day July 22.
  17. Can I get an extension on the survey?
  18. Unfortunately, no extensions will be given for any reason.
  19. I applied for the safety award as well as the special Wellness Award and the Psychological Safety Award. Do I need to deploy surveys for all of them?
  20. Yes, the employee perception surveys are different for Canada’s Safest Employers award, the special Wellness Award, and the Psychological Safety award, therefore, different surveys must be deployed. For the safety and wellness awards, 20 per cent of the employee population must complete the survey. For psychological safety, 30 per cent must complete it. You can apply in all three categories if you wish (Safety, Wellness and Psychological Safety) but keep in mind you will need to administer three separate surveys.
  21. My employees have completed the perception survey. Now what?
  22. At this time, you will not receive any further communication from the Canada's Safest Employers committee. Our judges are hard at work reviewing your nomination packages and the results from your surveys! The next point of communication will be once the winners are chosen.
  23. When will the winners be notified?
  24. The winners will be notified by phone the week of August 18th.
  25. Will I be notified if I do not win?
  26. Yes, you will receive an email by August 29.
  27. When will the winners be announced publicly?
  28. The winners will be announced on on Oct. 29, and winners will be profiled in the November issue of Canadian Occupational Safety.
  29. When is the awards banquet?
  30. It will be held October 2015. Exact date and location to be determined.